Breastfeeding is Looking Good Again

The origins of breastfeeding

Since women began birthing babies, mommies have breastfed their infants. A lot of this changed with the industrialization of the 18th and 19th centuries. Many women had to contribute to the family income and began to work in factories. With less time for breastfeeding, many would bring their babies to destitute peasant women to be fed. Another alternative – although, not a very pleasant one to my mind – was to make their infants suckle directly from an animal’s teat. How gross is that!

Aside from wet nurses and animal teats, various creative devices to feed infants were used. Dating back thousands of years, vessels of all shapes, sizes, and materials have been used for nursing infants. Unfortunately, the inability to keep these devices clean from bacteria combined with lack of proper milk storage led to a great number of babies dying during their first year of life.

But with the development of infant formula, along with glass bottles that were possible to sterilize, fewer mothers made the effort to breastfeed. It became more convenient for mothers to give their babies formula. With the aggressive marketing of formula manufacturers, even traditional breastfeeding societies began to leave their age-old nursing practices.

Below are some of the comfortable breastfeeding tops and maternity wear available at Milk and Love


To me, this is such a tragedy because research shows that formula-feeding results in serious health issues for the infant. Formula-fed babies are more susceptible to respiratory tract infection, diabetes, allergies, sudden infant death, and a host of other ills. Breastfeeding, on the other hand, has only health advantages for the infant. And these advantages are not just physical. Breastfed babies, research indicates, have better mental health through childhood and their teen years. They are less likely to suffer from depression, delinquency, attention disorders, and other psychological problems. Motor and cognitive development of breastfed babies compare much better to those of infant-fed babies. And this is just scratching the surface. If you think I’m exaggerating, just do a little Google research on what I’m saying, and you’ll find even more evidence for the benefits of breastfeeding.

Views about milk-and-love-maternity-breastfeeding-topbreastfeeding are definitely changing

It is heartening to learn that breastfeeding is on an upswing again. It helps that so many celebrity moms are extolling the joys of breastfeeding. And they’re talking about the benefits they experience, not just their babies! Salma Hayek told The Times of London that she was addicted to nursing. “I’m like an alcoholic. I say I’m just gonna do it for one more week, one more month, and then when I see how much good it is doing her, I can’t stop.” Jennifer Garner is much the same way. She told Allure “It’s like I say I’m going to stop, and then I’m in there, feeding her. You are not going to believe how emotional this is.” Penelope Cruz also views nursing as addictive. “It’s hard when the day comes when you have to stop,” she says. Singer Shakira told USA Weekly, “Breastfeeding has been one of the best experiences of my life. I love it! I can’t stop! I think I’m going to breastfeed him until he goes to college! I’m hooked!”

And the thing is…these moms still look so fashionable, even when they’re nursing their babies. You can’t even tell they’re wearing breastfeeding dresses. But they obviously are, as proven by some of the photos taken of them nursing their babies. And it’s not just celebrities who manage to take nursing in stride and look good. I’ve seen women with their infants in stores; all of a sudden, they flip something in their nursing top and there’s the infant suckling happily away while mom continues to chat with her companion.

With all the positive research on breastfeeding as well as the very stylish and functional clothes for breastfeeding, I have great hopes for the future of breastfeeding. Even that last excuse against breastfeeding – vanity – no longer has any defense when you see the chic and comfortable breastfeeding tops available.

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Why Unique Wedding Invitations Are A Wise Investment for Your Special Day

One of the fastest growing trends in the wedding and bridal industry are unique wedding invitations.  Custom made invitations are one of the best ways to dazzle your guests, set expectations for your ceremony and reception, and to get everybody excited about your big day.  While many unique invitations cost close to what many more traditional invitations do, some brides and grooms ask whether the amount of time and effort in finding or creating unique wedding invitations is worthwhile.  We have come up with four points that all soon-to-be brides and grooms should consider when debating whether or not to take the “unique” wedding invitation route, starting with:

1. Represents Your Partner And Yourself

What makes unique wedding invitations worthwhile is due to a couple’s ability to tailor them to represent the interests and tastes of your partner and yourself.  Opening up an invitation and finding something different, surprising, but uniquely “you” will delight the guests who know yourself and your partner well, and it will give other guests who may not know you both so well (such as your 91 year old Great Uncle Lou) an idea of who you both are individually and as a couple.

A typical example of a wedding bomboniere


What is a bomboniere?

2. Reveals The Wedding Theme

Having a customized wedding invitation to send out to guests gives you the chance to provide hints or outright reveal the theme of your wedding.  The colours of your wedding can be incorporated into the invite itself as background colour, in the design accents, or as a font colour.  The location can be made more memorable by being depicted on the invite itself, and you can find neat ways to introduce the theme of your wedding (i.e. choosing fallen leaf imprints to indicate a spring wedding).

3. Makes For A More Memorable Wedding

The invitation is likely the first taste of what guests can expect at your wedding, which helps prepare their mind for your big day.  Creating unique wedding invitations that stand out from the standard white card stock invite with calligraphy-style print will keep their mind thinking about your wedding and encourage guests to be excited for the big day.

4. A Conversation Piece

There’s a good chance that not everyone who’s attending your wedding will know one another.  Guests love to talk about the couple on their big day, and one way to get the chatter started is to give them something to talk about other than how they know the lucky bride and groom. One great conversation starter: your incredibly unique and chat-worthy wedding invitation!

Personalised Favours is a family owned business which was established in 2009 to offer Australian brides and grooms unique wedding bombonieres and decorations which can be personalised. It’s our belief that personalised favours speak volumes and will be remembered and treasured forever by your guests.

Make your own unique wedding invitations and favours

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Why Personalised Engraved Glasses are the Perfect Wedding Bomboniere

Coming up with the perfect personalised wedding bomboniere or favour for your big day isn’t an easy task.  You have to consider the theme, the colours, the season, the personal preferences of you, your mate, and perhaps even everyone in attendance.  Needless to say, it can add a lot of stress to the life or a future bride and groom.  If what you seek is something completely customised for your event that will put a smile on everyone’s face, engraved glasses are the answer.  Here’s why:

Memorialises Your Event

Your engraved glasses can be printed with whatever message you want them to have, with the most popular including:

  • The individual or couples’ name
  • The date of the event
  • A personalised message

By having these items stamped to your glasses, your guests will continue to remember your event again and again for the next several years to come – which is exactly the purpose that a wedding bomboniere or favor is meant to serve.

Fully Functional

Apart from creating a bomboniere or favour that helps memorialise your event, the next important consideration is “is it functional?”.  If the answer is “YES” then you know that the money you’ve spent on these little gifts that you’re giving to your guests is money well spent.  Engraved glasses are one of those items that you know every guest will take home and continue to use and be grateful for having.

Complimentary to Any Theme

No matter what the theme or what the purpose of the event is, one thing’s for certain: everyone’s going to need something to drink out of.  This is what makes engraved glasses a smart choice for any event: they can be used after the event, and regardless of the theme, any type or style of glass can compliment any theme.

More Options Than You Think

When we think “engraved glasses”, we typically think wine glasses, but engraved glasses can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including:

  • Shot glasses
  • Water glasses
  • Champagne flutes
  • Mason-jar style glasses

The type of engraved glasses that you choose can suit your weddings theme, the personal preferences of the person or persons throwing the event, or you can choose to have a variety of different glasses engraved for guests to pick and choose from.

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Why Every Car Should Be Equipped with a Car Camera

Over the past few years, an increasing number of car owners have fallen victim to or witnessed a variety of street crimes which should have been captured on camera for their own protection or the protection of another innocent party.   A growing awareness of this issue is why the car camera, also known as a ‘dash cam’, is becoming a staple accessory for car owners.  These car cameras which can be easily mounted in any vehicle increase the security of the driver and protects them from a variety of unforeseen incidents that could happen at any moment.

Evidence in an Accident

When an accident occurs, the struggle that law enforcement and insurance companies often deal with is trying to uncover the truth in what is otherwise commonly a he said, she said situation.  With a car camera, car owners can easily prove that they’re not at fault by providing solid evidence of what really took place and need not be concerned about the other party changing his or her story once the authorities arrive at the scene.

BONUS:  Any footage that a car camera takes of a bad driver brings legitimacy to any reports you make of drunk drivers, dangerous drivers, distracted drivers, and road ragers.

Hold Law Enforcement Accountable

The vast majority of police officers take their oath to serve and protect the public seriously, but we’ve all heard the stories about the few less than lawful individuals who may be amongst the many good ones.  With a car camera in place, you’ll have video and audio evidence of any situation that an officer may involve you in.  Should the officer abuse his or her power or treat you unlawfully, the evidence that you capture on your car camera will give you a power case in court and can protect you from unnecessary fines or even jail time.

Protection from Insurance Fraud

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals out there who purposely cause accidents and then blame the other party in an attempt to extort money from you or to collect payment from insurance companies.  A car camera will capture every second of an event and protect you from being cheated by another individual.

BONUS: Some car cameras will keep rolling even after you’ve parked your car, so if someone hits your car while you’re gone and drives away, you’ll have immediate evidence of a hit and run.

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Computer Repairs in Brisbane – Is Cheaper Better or Not?

As a computer technician of over 11 years, one thing that I do know when it comes to repairing computers is often customers will ask one of two questions. They are -

  1. How long will this take to fix?
  2. How much will this cost?

When it comes to anything technical, repair costs can always be a little unnerving. Because customers won’t know exactly how much something is likely to cost. It’s often a common story of it costing $50 or $500. I guess it depends heavily on the nature of the problem, or of course – where you go.

But is chasing cheap really the best approach?

In my opinion, no. Here’s why.

Any reputable business that’s going to be around long term, is going to charge appropriately. If you’re wanting your data recovered from a so called technician who answers the phone with “Hey”, rather than, “Good morning this is Phil of Western Star Computers, how may I help you today?”, chances are he might be a little bit cheaper, but it’s also likely that he’s going to be smoking a cigarette over the top of your laptop while he’s inspecting it.

I don’t know about you, but I would much prefer to pay a little more knowing the job is done a) right, and b) by someone who is actually qualified to carry out the repairs.

When it comes to dealing with professionals, there really is only one IT company that I trust, and that is Computer Zen in Brisbane. They do professional computer repairs Brisbane. They also provide support and servicing for both Windows and MAC computers, and have been doing so for over 9 years now. Whenever I have a technical issue with my computer, they’re always the first people I call.

Because, firstly, I know I’m dealing with professional, qualified computer technicans, and secondly, I know the job will be done right – regardless of the cost.

Now I’m not saying that you should always go to the most expensive place in Brisbane, because let’s face it, there are plenty of rip offs, but certainly, take your time to shop around, and find one that you’re comfortable working with. You’d also want to be mindful of where they are located. Computer Zen actually do home call outs too, so that makes it even easier for me.

They’re a great bunch of guys, always prompt and better still – reliable.

There’s nothing more frustrating than calling for help, making an appointment, and the technicians are either late, or don’t show up at all.

Computer Zen aren’t like that at all. Give them a call today. I’m sure you’ll find them as helpful as I have.

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What’s the Difference Between a Corporate Magician and Close Up Magic?

There seems to be a number of confusing terms for magicians, that (to me anyway) all seem very similar, if not the same. I’ve often wondered, what’s the difference between a table magician, as opposed to say a close up magician? Or better yet, a corporate magician as opposed to a magician that performs at conventions?

It all sounds like nonsense really, but I want to get to the bottom of it.

Okay, so let’s try and cut straight to the chase, and figure out what the true definitions are, and where the differences lie. To help, I have personally interviewed one of Londons top magicians Alan Hudson, who is going to help clarify some of the confusion that stems around some of these terms.

Here is the brief interview we did below…enjoy.

Me – Okay Alan, tell me, why are there so many seemingly identical terms for different styles of magic?

Alan – Well, that’s just how the industry has evolved over time. Much of it, is much of a muchness – that is of course, some people might refer to a table magician as a close up magician and vice versa.

Me – Alright, well hang on, what IS the difference then?

Alan – Ok, well….obviously, if you’re at an event or a function, like say …a wedding reception or something like that, most people will be sitting at assigned tables – like guests, right?

Me – Right.

Alan – So, if I’ve been hired to perform as a table magician, then the people that I will be entertaining, will be seated at a table.

Me – Right, so what about a close up magician, because if you’re at a table, isn’t that close?

Alan – Well yes, it is, but the term “close up magician”, is a loose variation of magic that might be performed at say, a party or, a dinner or something like that, we’re the guest might just be mingling around – so you’re just kind of ..y’know ..standing in amongst the guests, or with them.

Me – Right okay, that makes sense, I guess. Seems pretty trivial though.

Alan – Yeh, it is. It depends though, I mean if someone calls me and wants to hire me for a private party, I mean, I don’t care what they call it, so long as they’re paying right?

Me – (laughs) Sure, of course.


Me – Alright, so in terms of making money, because obviously that’s an important part of making stuff disappear right…I mean, you can’t make money appear can you?

Alan – No, but I’ve been trying!

Me – (laughs) well, be sure to let me know if you figure that one out, I’m definitely keen for some of that

Alan – Look I think if I figure that one out, I’ll be keeping it a secret.

Me – Yeh well that’s what most magicians do, don’t they? They keep all the good stuff – tricks and so on, a “secret”.

Alan – Absolutely. Not going to give all our secrets away. Otherwise it wouldn’t be as much fun, right?

Me – No of course , not. But anyway, as I was saying (I was going to ask) …what pays better, doing table magic or close up magic?

Alan – It depends really. If I’m performing at a small private party, then chances are the rates might be less than say, a big corporate function, where obviously, they’d be paying much more. This is usually the case for big events, just like I’ve done for BMW, virgin airlines and some of those other big companies…..oh I did a gig for Yahoo once. That was pretty cool.

Me – Awesome, did you run around saying, “Yahoo!”

Alan – No I did that once they’d paid me

Me – (laughs) Okay then Alan, I think what you’ve told us here has been a great help, at least for me it has anyway. I guess now I know exactly what the difference is between a close up magician and a table magician. Although, what happens if you perform close up magic at the table?

Alan – (laughs) Ah, now I think you’re just being cheeky

Me – No, you’re probably right, thanks so much for your time and helping us understand the differences Alan, I really appreciate it. Cheers

Alan – Cheers mate, thanks for having me.

You can find out more about Alan, over at his website at


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